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  • The art of plastics recycling – an art we have mastered for over 60 years

    • Having worked in the field of plastics for so many years, RE Plano has both the experience and the expertise to provide you with the support and advice you need. Our range of services includes, for example, managing and recycling waste plastics. The latter is particularly important as our environmentally friendly processing systems help protect the environment and conserve our planet’s natural resources. Top quality recycling. On an industrial scale. The result: high quality recycled raw materials for plastics processing businesses all around the world. What’s more, we also trade in plastics and waste plastics. All in all, we ensure that waste plastics are recycled in the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way possible – thanks to our large network, our extensive logistics systems and our recycling expertise.

      We buy waste plastic

      We produce and sell recycled plastics

      We trade in waste plastic and plastic

    • Every year, we produce approx. 35,000 tonnes of recycled raw materials, 24,000 tonnes of which are pellets

  • Need to dispose of your waste plastic? Then use our legally compliant and environmentally friendly systems

    • Make your life easier and get RE Plano to manage your waste plastic. You can rely on us to deliver the services you need and you can rest assured that all the waste plastic generated at your business is sent for professional recycling. Besides making sure that these activities are as cost effective as possible for your company, we always keep a close eye on the whole process, from its beginning to its end, to ensure the very most is made of your materials. This also includes providing you with expert advice and working with you to develop solutions that meet your exact requirements – including supplying all the bins and containers you may need.

    • We manage waste plastic for a wide range of customers, including industrial businesses, retailers and waste management companies

    On request, RE Plano can also manage all the logistics needed for your waste plastic

    What material do we accept?

    • Type of material

      All kinds of technical plastics & thermoplastics

    • Amount of material

      As a rule, the minimum amount we accept is one truck load

  • Do you have a question about our plastic waste management services?

    • We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have as well as to provide you with support and advice regarding the Federal Commercial Waste Ordinance [Gewerbeabfallverordnung].

      Who to contact
      Patrick Hentzel
      T +49 2306 106 837

  • Recycling plastics – and creating great products

    • There are two things that are essential for recycling plastics: know-how and technology. As far as the first one is concerned, we have over 60 years’ experience; as for the other, we use the most modern machines currently available on the market. This mixture of tradition and innovation guarantees that our plastics recycling operations produce the same high quality results at all times. A quality, which we will soon be able to offer for even more types of plastic. At the moment, we recycle polyamide (PA), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). We will soon be extending our portfolio to include polystyrene – as soon as our brand new facility is up and running.

    • Each and every stage of RE Plano’s recycling process is carefully documented

    We work together with universities to develop new production methods and products. As a result, we are continuously finding new markets for our recycled raw materials

    How RE Plano recycles plastics

    • 1. Laboratory tests

      Our goal is not only to produce top quality pellets, plastic compounds and ground products but also to ensure that their quality remains at a consistently high level. All materials delivered to us, therefore, are first checked carefully on arrival.

    • 2. Sizing & cleaning

      The material is cut up (wet grinder) and washed. By the end of this stage, all the pieces of material are of the same size, which can be adjusted as required.

    • 3. Sorting

      A range of separating technology is used to remove any contaminants – such as eddy current separators, air separators, sink/float separators and optical detection systems.

    • 4. Extrusion

      The production line contains both single-screw and twin-screw extruders. This system produces high quality plastic.

  • Quality confirmed in black and white

    Our products comply with ISO and DIN standards.
    Take a look at our certificates

  • Recycled plastics designed to satisfy your every wish

    • There are number of reasons why both our plastic pellets and the regrind plastic we make from waste plastic are in such high demand: they have similar properties to plastic made from primary material and yet are less expensive than virgin plastic. What’s more, they have a much better carbon footprint. Our materials can be used for a variety of industrial applications (both injection moulding and extrusion) and we can always guarantee supplies thanks to our plant’s large production and storage capacity and the input of raw material from the REMONDIS Group. A further advantage for our customers: we are able to develop bespoke products to meet their precise requirements. No matter what the volume, of course.

    • From octabins, to big bags, to loose material – you decide how you want your plastic delivered

    How you benefit

    • Our brand name products

      We offer a wide range of quality-certified plastics under the registered brand names PLANOLEN®, PLANOMID®, PLANOPROP® and PLANOROL® . Details about our standard PE, PP and PS products can be found in the data sheets below, which can also be downloaded. In addition to these, we can also supply you with numerous products that we have developed to meet specific customer requirements. Please contact us to find out more about our extensive PA portfolio.

    • Our product safety data sheets can be found

      • PLANOLEN® (PE)

        PLANOPROP® (PP)

          • PP 0515 SPPDF

        PLANOROL® (PS)

    In some cases, we mix primary and recycled raw materials together or only use primary raw materials to achieve the best results

Would you like some more details?

  • Have you got a question about our products or are you interested in us developing a bespoke formula for your business? Then why not get in touch? We’re here to help!

  • The hub of international drop-shipping

    Your waste plastics are in safe hands at our company. Even when we are unable to recycle them in our own facilities. Thanks to our extensive logistics network, we can make sure that each type of waste plastic is sent to where it can best be processed. Which means that we are also a reliable trading partner for other companies operating in the sector. What’s more, we buy plastics on the international market to ensure our customers all around the globe have the supply of raw materials they need.

    What happens to waste plastics at RE Plano

Get a quote today!

    • Would you like to buy plastics or waste plastic from RE Plano? Then simply get in touch!

      Who to contact
      Mario Husemann
      T +49 2306 106 849

  • Jute rather than plastic? Plastic can also be sustainable

    • Plastic is an incredibly versatile material with an amazing number of uses. There is one thing, though, that plastic is absolutely not right for: being thrown away. Plastic that is not sent for recycling is – in the best case scenario – incinerated to produce energy. The material and its valuable contents (energy and raw materials) are lost to us forever. What’s more, the emissions have a negative impact on our climate. RE Plano picked up on this over 60 years ago and came to the right conclusion very early on – namely, that plastics recycling is the only sensible solution, especially if you wish to promote sustainability. By dedicating our business to this task, we are helping to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and curb climate change.

    • Learn more about sustainability and plastics by going to remondis-sustainability.com

    The environmental benefits of recycling plastics

    • Reducing consumption of natural resources

      Every single gram of recycled plastic reduces the amount of virgin plastic that has to be produced from crude oil.

    • Reducing consumption of land

      Reducing the consumption of crude oil also reduces human impact on the environment. The less oil that is extracted from the ground, the less land is needed to refine and transport it.

    • Reducing consumption of energy

      Far less energy is needed to recycle plastics than is needed to produce plastic from virgin raw materials.

    • Reducing carbon emissions

      If less energy is consumed, then CO2 emissions are cut as well. One tonne of recycled plastic produces one tonne less of CO2 compared to the production processes needed to make virgin plastic.

  • Rooted in REMONDIS – especially when it comes to company philosophy

    RE Plano GmbH – like its sister company, REMONDIS PET Recycling – belongs to REMONDIS Recycling and, consequently, to the global REMONDIS Group. With around 1,000 locations in over 30 countries, REMONDIS is one of the world’s leading recycling, services and water companies. There is something that is more important than its size, however: REMONDIS stands for everything that RE Plano believes so strongly in. Following its motto “recycling rather than disposal”, the company does everything in its power to close as many material life cycles as possible in order to conserve our planet’s natural resources. Which means, RE Plano couldn’t be in better hands. And, because we have access to the REMONDIS Group, we can offer our customers a variety of other recycling services and help them further improve their carbon footprint.

RE Plano GmbH // A company of the REMONDIS Group
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