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RE Plano

Plastic recovery from old refrigerators

RE Plano GmbH demonstrates its competence for innovative plastic recycling in the Lippe Plant

The RE Plano GmbH fine sorting plant for mixed plastics from WEEE recycling has been in operation since spring 2019. At the REMONDIS Group's main site, at the Lippe Plant in Lünen, mixed plastics are now separated according to their type for further processing and refinement.

The mixture of materials from refrigeration appliances produced during the recycling of old electrical and electronic equipment is separated into the plastics polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and polyolefins (PO) by multi-stage processing. This means that any recyclable materials produced can be processed in-house in order to build on the outstanding infrastructure of the Lippe Plant on the one hand, and to optimise the respective treatment processes from an economic point of view on the other. The plastic fractions are then processed, refined and made available again to the plastics processing industry. RE Plano strengthens its position in the market with the associated increased competence in the field of plastics sorting. In addition, additional sales channels can be opened up for plastic compounds.

As a long-standing expert for the refinement, processing and compounding of plastics within the REMONDIS Group, RE Plano GmbH used existing capacities and comprehensive specialist knowledge for the planning and construction of the new plant. Adjacent to the fine screening plant, a roofed open storage area for incoming and outgoing materials of the fine screening plant as well as for the neighbouring RE Plano plant was built. The new storage area ensures efficient quantity management and optimum storage of the materials. The warehouse logistics and the operation of the fine sorting plant are integrated into the RE Plano system and are carried out by the company's own employees.

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