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New PET reprocessing plant in operation

Further REMONDIS investment in recycling of plastic packaging

REMONDIS PET Recycling GmbH has put its new reprocessing plant for PET bottles from the deposit return system into operation. The PET recycling plant which was originally set up by the insolvent Plastic Recycling Zeitz GmbH & Co. KG was bought by way of an asset deal and re-engineered within 6 months. REMONDIS is now producing high-purity recycled plastic at its approx. 20,000 m² site in the Elsteraue Chemical Park. REMONDIS is thus not only taking active responsibility for the necessary recycling of plastics in Germany but is also investing in the development of a region which is currently suffering from structural weakness.

Many people are unaware that around 96% of PET non-refillable deposit beverage bottles in Germany are returned to retailers - after all, the deposit is a whopping € 0.25 per bottle. The non-refillable bottles are collected after return, pressed and recycled. Refillable PET bottles also wear out over time and are no longer filled at some point, but are sorted out by their bottlers and sent to recycling. These collected non-refillable and refillable PET bottles have a high market value because the PET can be easily processed and used instead of petroleum-based virgin PET.

The recycled raw materials produced by REMONDIS PET Recycling GmbH meet defined material specifications. They are therefore of constant quality and purity which is ensured by permanent monitoring. There are numerous possible applications for recycled PET, but the aim is always to achieve the highest possible quality so that PET bottles can ideally be produced from the material again.

REMONDIS PET Recycling's processing plant in the Elsteraue Chemical Park will be available to local kindergartens and schools for visits and excursions in order to familiarise children and teenagers with the topics of recycling and conserving resources. 

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