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Beauty products are packaged with a clear conscience

Laboratoire Biosthétique relies on product packaging made from recycled raw materials. Since November 2021, the first products have been filled in bottles made from 100% recycled plastics.

Photo: Laboratoire Biosthétique

LaBiosthétique develops and produces highly effective care products for hair and skin in Pforzheim, which is distributed internationally and exclusively via hairdressing and beauty salons. In order to meet the demands of the company and its partners for quality and resource conservation, packaging made from recycledmaterial is now being used.

The REMONDIS Group collects and sorts sales packaging from household collection. The pre-sorted packaging made of HDPE plastic is further sorted by the 100% subsidiary RE Plano, washed and processed into a regranulate without the addition of virgin material. This rHDPE is available in different versions - including as high-purity translucent granulate, the starting material for the production of the bottles made for La Biosthétique. 

"RE Plano wants to promote the development of sustainable packaging using recycled plastics in Europe. To realise a Circular Economy, everyone must work together to face the major environmental challenges. By using recycled plastics, we produce significantly fewer climate-damaging emissions than using virgin materials," explained Dr Nabila Rabanizada, head of R&D at REMONDIS Recycling.

Dr Christian Ader, COO of Laboratoire Biosthétique, added, "We are delighted to be able to use recyclable packaging made from high quality recycled plastic for our La Biosthétique products. This fulfils our ambition to be even more innovative, forward-thinking and sustainable." 

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